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In 1974 a group of young people were bemoaning the fact that in Newbury, there was little opportunity for young people to play roles in musicals. My sister Jeanette and I decided to do something about it so in 1975 Newbury Nomads was born! That year with a budget of £60 out of my own pocket, we presented the Nomads’ first production ‘The Boyfriend’ (tickets 60p!). I got my money back and there was even some left over – how times have changed! In 1981, the NODA (National Operatic and Drama Association), London section, awarded Nomads the ‘Constant Power Trophy’ awarded to societies who, by their own efforts, are worthy of encouragement.


The Society was formed to give young people a chance to gain experience in all aspects of stage work, with a core of older more experienced members to provide stability. Our aim has always been to produce shows that allow all members to take part. Starting a society proved easy, keeping it going proved less so, but I am sure Nomads will keep going from strength to strength. I am proud to continue my association with the society and look forward to continued success in the new millennium and beyond.

By Wendy Maskell (founder and honorary life member)


Interested in joining Nomads?

We perform one main musical production a year, which is performed at the Newbury Corn Exchange and a Showtime Concert in the Spring.

Anyone who is 16 years and older is welcome to join.  If you would like to become a playing or back stage member, you will need to contact the Secretary, who will be able to supply you with up to date information of what the Society is doing at the moment.


All new members are required to audition, but not on your first night!  Auditions are nothing to fear as we all have to do one and it really isn’t as bad as you may think! 

Once you have been accepted into the Society you will need to pay your membership fee

£30 (£15).  You will also be required to pay a show levy. 


We rehearse in the centre of Newbury.  The full cast are required on Wednesday evenings and generally, principal cast on Monday evenings, between 8pm to 10pm.

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